Liven Up Your Tacklebox with Our Full Line of Frozen Bait

There are plenty of fish in the sea, and we have the right live bait to help you hook up with every one of them. Click below the bait picture to learn more about each one.

The Bait Every Fish Wants

Our line of frozen baits is fresh frozen, 100% natural, ready to use, and favored by fresh and saltwater fishermen alike.

Chicken Livers

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Chicken Hearts

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Squid Bits

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Bait Shrimp

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We Move Heaven and Earthworms to Get You the Live Bait You Need

If you’re on the search for just the right bait, DMF Bait Co. offers a full line of quality live baits that are sure to grant you your greatest fishes.


Lumbricus Terrestris Dive In

Big Red Worms

Eisenia Hortensis Okay I'll Bite

Garlic Nightcrawlers

Lumbricus Terrestris Get Hooked Up

Check Out What Else is in the DMF Tacklebox

Our DMF accessories are sure to help make it even easier to seal the deal on your catch of the day!