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Interested in some dmf bait product?

We are a wholesale bait distributor for retail stores only. If you would like to receive our product and price list, we need a photo copy of your current sales tax license. After we receive the copy, we will contact you. You can fax, email or snail mail it to us. 877-809-7308 / Email: sales@dmfbait.com

Will you sell direct to the consumer?

No. However our products can be purchased in bulk through Bass Pro and Cabela catalogs.

Who do you sell to?

Participating stores in the following chains: Wal-Mart, Meijer, Dicks Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, Mills Fleet Farm, ACE, Bass Pro Shops, Casey’s General, HWI Do It Best, Dunham’s and more. Find a store here.

Do you only supply chains?

No. We supply thousands of gas stations and convenience stores all over the US.

What type of DMF Bait worms are recommended for composting?

Sorry, we are not in the composting business so we cannot make a recommendation.

How do you store your bait?

We store our bait in several large walk in coolers, boasting the largest inventory of Nightcrawlers in the U.S.

What is your shipping range?

DMF Bait can ship bait anywhere in the continental US and Alaska, and provide carrier and distributor services in your area. We ship year round and guarantee our bait will arrive alive. Our packaging has been perfected over many years of research and development, giving us the ability to reach just about everyone in America.

Can DMF Bait be used as pet food?

DMF Bait is very nutritious and healthy as pet food. Please review each product description specifically to see if it may fit your need. Also (very important), please verify with your pet supplier and/or your vet to ensure no harm will come to your pet.

What are DMF products packed in?

Our Nightcrawlers are packed in Reed sedge peat humus. Red Worms are packed in Sphagnum peat moss and Wax Worms, Meal Worms, Butterworms and Spikes are packed in Wood shavings.

How do you ship product?

We Ship FedEx Ground and Express in custom packaging. We also deliver direct to distribution companies throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

What is the shelf life of your product?

Nightcrawlers and Red Worms will live for six weeks or longer without replenishing bedding. Larva products will vary but generally will live 3 to 4 weeks.

How do I care for worms once I have them?

Each of our product pages feature care instructions for that particular bait. Click the link to learn more.

Where do the worms come from?

Nightcrawlers are hand-picked (harvested) from fields in Ontario Canada. All other products, except Butterworms, are grown in various locations around the United States. Butterworms are imported from Chili.