Lumbricus Terrestris

They say a classic never goes out of style, and our Nightcrawler is no exception. These guys are the rock stars of the worm world for a reason – they get the job done no matter what you’re fishing for. So, if you’re ready to hook ‘em and cook ‘em, let us know, because we’ve got plenty to go around.

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Used to Catch:


Bass, walleye, catfish, pike, and most panfish. Even record-size catfish have been caught with nightcrawlers.



  • Commonly referred to as Earthworms or Dew worms.
  • Most popular live bait on the market today.
  • Used for freshwater fishing.
  • Refrigerate at 35-45° F.
  • Great for frogs and turtles.
  • Chemical-free; safe for feeding to pets.

How to Keep Your Bait in Great Shape


These classic crawlers may look a little sleepy upon arrival, but the best way to activate this bait and have them ready to rise and shine within 24 hours is to store them in the fridge at approximately 38° F.

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