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Fish Stories

Everybody’s got a favorite fishing story. Ours is the one we’ve been living every day since 1977; hand-picking the highest-quality bait for fisherman, and fisher-families all over the country. For us it’s not just about the worms, it’s about reeling in something special. A great catch, and even better moments.

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We Move Heaven and Earthworms to Get You the Live Bait You Need

If you’re on the search for just the right bait, DMF Bait Co. offers a full line of quality live baits that are sure to grant you your greatest fishes.


Lumbricus Terrestris Dive In

Big Red Worms

Eisenia Hortensis Okay I'll Bite

Garlic Nightcrawlers

Lumbricus Terrestris Get Hooked Up

Get Ready to Catch Fish & Chill with our Full Line of Frozen Bait

Our line of frozen baits are fresh frozen, 100% natural, ready to use, and favored by fresh and saltwater fisherman alike.

Chicken Livers

Dive In

Chicken Hearts

Okay I'll Bite

Squid Bits

Dosidicus Gigas Get Hooked Up

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You Won’t Have to Dig Very Deep to Find DMF Worms Near You.

Our bait is stocked at national chains and local shops alike.

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