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Here at DMF Bait Co, we pride ourselves on our eco-conscious commitment to help keep the sport of fishing sustainable for future generations. That means partnering with companies that care as much about responsible fishing as we do.

Earthworm Castings Unlimited, LLC


Ask any gardener and they’ll tell you: worm castings are one of the most beneficial soil additives available. Now, Earthworm Castings Unlimited, LLC, (ECU) joins forces with DMF Bait Co., to harvest the ‘left-behind’ organic matter that earthworms naturally produce.

The castings are of the highest quality, thanks to the all-natural worm food that DMF uses during their product’s processing and packing period. That’s when ECU enters the picture to extract the high-quality, organic castings.

Worm castings contain super-beneficial microbes that, when added to the soil, help improve soil texture and provide water-soluble nutrients that help grow healthier plants. The castings have a faint earthy odor, with a coarse texture similar to coffee grounds or peat moss.

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By adding the Recycled Fish logo to packaging and building a relationship, it extended their commitment to educating anglers on all of the other ways we can help steward our waters well.

On the water, it’s stuff like practicing catch and release and selective harvest effectively, it’s non-toxic tackle and cleaning up trash, or preventing the spread of invasive species. Day-to-day, it’s changing the way we take care of our lawns, recycling and buying recycled, and even simple switches like turning off the lights when we leave a room, because those choices affect our waters too.

Recycled Fish is the only national non-profit organization that unites people who fish – no matter where they live or what they fish for – on everyday ways we can all help our waters, because our lifestyle runs downstream. We Are Stewards.

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Our Story

In 1977, twin brothers Dan and Mike Beaudoin along with lifelong friend Fred Fry, started DMF Bait Company. By 1994, DMF Bait had become the world’s largest wholesale bait dealer.

Our Story
DMF Bait Building

Our Family

Here at DMF Bait Co, we firmly believe that the key to all our success over the years has been our luck in luring talented individuals to be a part of our family. Over the years, we’ve managed to reel in more than our fair share of keepers.

Our Family
DMF Bait Family

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