Trout and small panfish.


    • Store at 45-65° F for maximum shelf life. Since most refrigerators are usually kept around 40° F, we recommend you store your wax worms in a crisper or butter tray (usually the warmest places). Or, store them at room temperature.

    • Do not feed your wax worms. In this larva state, wax worms live off their body fat and do not consume food. As a result, any food you give them will be uneaten and grow mold, which will kill them.

    • Keep them dry. Do not store anyplace humid or with condensation. Do not water wax worms.

    • Remove all dead or black wax worms.


    • Store in a breathable container with a lid. Wax worms can climb any type of material, and can chew through most plastics and cardboard. Tupperware works well.

    • Use wood shavings, sawdust, or dry baby cereal as bedding.

Also known as Bee Moths
These creamy white worms have soft, grublike bodies and are dry to the touch
Popular ice fishing bait in the northern U.S. and Canada
Refrigeration optional
Healthy for many reptiles
and fish
safe for feeding pets