Panfish, trout, and most freshwater fish will eat these worms


    • Extremely easy to care for

    • Can be used in any environment, including:

    • Ice fishing

    • Brackish waters

    • Fresh water

    • Attracts fish due to their lively movement

    • Can also be used for composting


    • Store at temperatures from 38-75° F. Big red worms are very easy to keep alive, and will keep for weeks at room temperature in our DMF Bait Co. cups. In bulk, they will last about a month — and much longer, if refrigerated

    • Must be kept in a ventilated container. Remove the ice park and refreeze it for further use. If the ice pack is broken, throw it away and change the worm bedding immediately. Worms will eat through any biodegradable packaging over time unless they are refrigerated

    • We strongly recommend you change the bedding by the end of the third week and at least once a month afterwards. There are numerous types of bedding materials available at your local sporting goods store — you do not have to use dirt bedding. Paper and cardboard bedding is fine.

    • Worms do not require feed. All beddings have feed in them. Worms will live for months if refrigerated and cared for properly.

Also known as Euro worms, Belgian worms, Belgian Reds, Minis, and Reds
Refrigeration optional
Great for frogs and turtles
Chemical-free; safe for feeding pets