Panfish, trout, and most freshwater fish will eat these worms.


    • Store at temperatures from 35-50° F. Meal worms are very easy to keep alive, and will keep for weeks at room temperature in our DMF Bait Co. cups.

    • Bulk purchases require additional care.


    • Place in a plastic container about the size of a shoebox, with holes in the top so the worms can breathe. Place an inch of bedding in the bottom of the container, with meal worms on top, followed by another inch of bedding on top of the worms. The bedding should consist of chicken food, cornmeal, dry oatmeal or baby food.

    • Every 2 weeks, take the worms out of the refrigerator and place a sliced-up potato or carrot in the bedding for 24 hours. This will provide the moisture needed for worms to stay alive. Remove the potato or carrot before returning them to the refrigerator.

These worms are larvae of darkling beetles
Gold colored, with a hard outer shell
Refrigerate at 35-50° F
Great food for birds, reptiles, frogs, turtles, mice, rats, and sugar gliders
safe for feeding pets